Rental Equipment
Daily Rate
Weekend Rate
5 Gallon Extractor
20" Autoscrubber
20" 2000RPM
Electric Burnisher
20" 175RPM
Floor Machine
17" 175RPM
Floor Machine
3 Speed Carpet Dryer

The heavy-duty molded
body can withstand daily abuse from job
to job and still work 24-7!  The PD2500
has a 3-speed switch to move air at the
rate you need for the job. Dry out carpet
down the pad or dry out dry-wall
and insulation in record time.
32" Sweeper

This easy to push manual sweeper is
hard working, lightweight, fast
and easy to maneuver.  The PS200
perfect for jobs such as small
warehouses, machine shops,
workshops, gas stations, retail, loading
docks and sidewalks.
Cole, cole supply