Big Jinx Ant & Roach Spray
This broad-spectrum insecticide
combines Tetramethrin and
Permethrin to kill a wide variety of
crawling insects such as ants,
carpenter ants, cockroaches, carpet
beetles, millipedes, palmetto bugs,
scorpions, silverfish, sow bugs,
spiders, ticks and many other
crawling insects. A pleasing herry
scent provides quick killing action
and residual control up to 3 months.
This insecticide will control pests for
as long as three months.
Jet Force Wasp & Hornet Killer
This rapid contact kill and rapid
knockdown wasp, hornet and yellow
jacket killer contains Tetramethrins
and other active ingredients that
literally stop pests in flight. Long-
range spray allows killing these
insects while standing up to 20 feet
above the ground away from their
nests. Together with the “instant
knock down” effect, this prevents the
chances of being stung by attacking
insects. A powerful blast valve allows
rapid delivery and saturation of nests.
Designed for indoor and outdoor
use, with the blaster valve and
long-range spray, Jet Force safely
controls wasps and hornets.
Bug Buster Insect Killer
A variety of flying insect species can
be controlled with this pleasant
scented, waterbased product.
Easy-to-use, convenient and
effective, product controls insects
including houseflies, mosquitoes,
gnats, fleas and small moths.
For use in non-food areas,
commercial, industrial and
institutional buildings and in
households to kill common pests.
Raid Wasp and Hornet
RAID® Wasp & Hornet Killer
No need to spray and sprint! Kills
wasps and hornets on contact from
20 feet away so you can stay a
comfortable distance from the nest.
Kills in seconds-even larvae and
pupae in nests-and its residual
action kills wasps and hornets bold
enough to return to the nest.
Dielectric breakdown voltage rating
45,000 volts.
Raid Ant and Roach
RAID® Ant & Roach Killer,
Outdoor Fresh
Quick-acting formula kills roaches,
water bugs, ants, silverfish, crickets
and spiders; residual keeps killing for
up to four weeks. Light, Outdoor
Fresh scent.
Baits contain an active ingredient
that disrupts the insect?s central
nervous system for a faster kill. Lasts
up to six months.
Cole, cole supply