Powr-Flite Classic Series Floor Machine
Powr-Flite PAS16 Electric Auto Scrubber
Powr-Flite Ironside All Metal Vacuum
Powr-Flite PF2008 Wide Area Vacuum
Powr-Flite PF300BP Back Pack Vacuum
Powr-Flite Ultra Lite Vacuum
Powr-Flite Box Extractor
Minuteman 2600 Battery Burnisher
Minuteman Kleen Sweep 27 Sweeper
Upright & Back Pack Vacuums
Extractors & Dryers
Auto Scrubbers
Floor Machines
ProTeam Super Coach Vacuum
Powr-Flite 1350 Series Extractor
Powr-Flite PAS28R Auto Scrubber
Powr-Flite PAS20DX Auto Scrubber
Powr-Flite PAS28DX Auto Scrubber
Powr-Flite PD500DX Carpet Dryer
Powr-Flite PDF5DX Axial Fan
Sanitaire SC3683 Canister Vacuum
Powr-Flite P131 Floor Machine
Powr-Flite M Series Floor Machine
Powr-Flite PS35 Spotter
Powr-Flite PS200 Sweeper
Powr-Flite M2000 High Speed Burnisher
Powr-Flite CAS16 Compact Electric Auto Scrubber
Powr-Flite PF14 Dual Motor Vacuum
EDIC Stealth 1700 Extractor
EDIC Supernova 1200
Powr-Flite PFX900S Self Contained Extractor
Powr-Flite PF25 Heavy Duty Wet and Dry Vacuum
Powr-Flite PF53 w/ Front Mounted Squeegee
Powr-Flite PF57 Dual Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum
Powr-Flite PF54 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Powr-Flite B2000 Battery Burnisher
Powr-Flite P2717 Propane Burnisher
Powr-Flite PS1000 Sweeper
Powr-Flite PS900 Sweeper
Powr-Flite PEB Power Brush Head
Powr-Flite 1354 Perfect Heat Extractor
Powr-Flite C1600 High Speed Burnisher
Powr-Flite Black Max Series Floor Machine
Sanitaire 887 Upright Vacuum
Sanitaire 899 Upright Vacuum
Powr-Flite PF62 Ultra Lite Vacuum
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