Fresh White
Powdered Laundry

• FRESH WHITE contains surfactants,
builders, water conditioners, optical
brighteners, and antiredeposition agents
which make it your best choice when you
need a low-phosphate detergent.

• It’s highly concentrated. You need only 1/2
cup per 12 pound (home washing machine)

• FRESH WHITE cleans all washable
fabrics. It works in hot or cold and hard or
soft water and is completely free-rinsing and
biodegradable, too.

Concentrations will vary according to water
soil load, water temperature, time and
machine efficiency.
When using chlorine or color-safe (oxygen)
bleach, add to the wash solution 3 to 5 minutes
after the wash cycle begins.

Home Laundry Machines
Use 1/4 cup (2 oz.) in front loading machines.
Use 1/2 cup (4 oz.) in top loading machines. Both
machines typically hold 10 to 12 pounds of dry
laundry. If yours holds more, increase the detergent
concentration accordingly.

Commercial Laundry Machines:
Use 20 ounces (2.5 cup) per 100 pounds of dry
laundry. FRESH WHITE may be added to the
break, suds, or bleach cycle.
Fresh White