E-Z Reacher
"I wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole!"

Now, you don't have to — use the E-Z Reacher instead. It's the essential outdoor
pick-up and cleanup tool. The E-Z Reacher allows you to pick up virtually
anything, even unsanitary items, without using your hands. Trash on the front
lawn? Stray ball in the pool? Toys on the walkway? No problem. Just a light
squeeze of the E-Z Reacher's handle and the non-slip rubber gripper cups pick
the item up safely and securely.

  • No bending, stretching, or straining, so it's easy on your back, knees
    and hands

  • Retrieving hard-to-reach items is a snap because the E-Z Reacher
    comes in five lengths, from 20" to 72"

  • With the versatile E-Z Reacher, you can pick up objects as small as a
    dime or as heavy as a five-pound brick

  • The durable E-Z Reacher's replaceable rubber cups are easy to clean,
    and it's made of lightweight aluminum that won't rust

  • The E-Z Reacher is standard equipment for sanitation workers,
    homeowners, cleanup teams, gardeners, livestock handlers, grounds
    maintenance crews, and hospital cleaning personnel