Auto Scrubbers and Sweepers
CAS 16 Compact Auto Scrubber
PAS16 Auto Scrubber
PAS20DX Auto Scrubber
CAS16 16" Compact Auto Scrubber
PAS16 16" Auto Scrubber
PAS20DX 20" Auto Scrubber

The new CAS16 compact auto scrubber provides
greater productivity and better performance than
traditional mopping. It is ideal for small to medium
areas such as food service areas and kitchens,
entrance lobbies, schools, restaurants, shops and
offices. The CAS16 is very user friendly with an
adjustable handle and easy to remove recovery and
solution tanks making cleaning effortless.

You can cover more floor faster, finishing your
stripping and cleaning jobs in record time. This 16
inch Predator scrubs and wet vacs all in one pass.
The PAS16’s narrow width makes it easy to use in
more confining areas and it will effortlessly fit through
non-standard doors. The PAS16 has easy to operate
controls with a manual solution control. The
convenient foot operated squeegee lift and brush
control is simple to use, and the four-wheel design
provides complete stability for climbing ramps and
inclines. The PAS16 also features Powr-Flite’s Silent
Run vacuum motor technology, letting you clean in
busy areas without disturbing workflow.

The PAS20DX will clean through 20,000 square feet
per hour with a 20 inch cleaning path that fits easily
through doorways and into tight spaces. This
self-propelled model with direct drive features
electronic motion control going both forward and
backwards.  Maintenance is made simpler with
easy access to batteries, vacuum motors and
tanks, and with lifetime lubrication on the
differential motor. The PAS20DX battery
operated scrubber provides a run time of up to
5 hours for continuous scrubbing power.
PAS28R Riding Auto Scrubber
PAS32DX Auto Scrubber
PAS40R Auto Scrubber
PAS28R 28" Riding Auto Scubber
PAS32DX 32" Auto Scrubber
PAS40R 40" Riding Auto Scrubber

44,000 square feet per hour. That is the work rating
of the Powr-Flite ride on PAS28R scrubber. The 28
inch cleaning path cuts through the dirt fast. And with
a 4 to 5 hour total run time, you can clean large
areas without having to stop and recharge. The
PAS28R has excellent maneuverability and
unmatched turn response. The narrow profile gets
through doorways and cleans right up to the edge of
walls and displays. The PAS28R has three separate
motors for drive, vacuum and brush–each function
works independently and at full power. With 10
speeds you have the flexibility for the easy jobs and
the power for the tough ones.

The Predator 32 has 24 gallon recovery and
solution tanks, so you can clean non-stop without
having to fill-up or empty the tanks. With an
operation time of up to 8 hours, you will
make more money in less time with half of the
effort. The PAS32DX features a variable
electronically managed pad pressure from
88 to 175 lbs., a keyed ignition for security
and a parking break for safety.

The Powr-Flite PAS40R battery operated auto
scrubber is designed specifically for large areas and
features the convenience of ride-on comfort.  64,000
square feet per hour.  Operators will be able to clean
larger areas with fewer breaks and with less fatigue.
The PAS40R is extremely simple to use and
maneuvers easily around corners and other
obstructions. The PAS40R provides the convenience
of cleaning and drying in one simple pass. The
curved 46 inch squeegee dries the floor even on
tight turns. The PAS40R is built to last, providing
maximum life with low operating cost.
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PS900 Sweeper
PS200 Manual Sweeper
PS900 Battery Sweeper
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