Proteam GoVac
GoVac BP Specs

Motor: 36 V
Airflow: 65 CFM
Static Lift: 70"
Weight: 22 lbs.
Sound Level: 69 dB
Intercept Micro Filter® media: 496 sq. in.
Four Level® Filtration: 791 sq. in. total area

Includes: Battery BackPack with Li Ion battery,
charger, 11/4" static-dissipating vacuum hose,
and two Intercept Micro Filters.

Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Continuous Run Time: 50 minutes
Full Charge Time: 3 hours

Integrated battery backplate carries weight evenly across the
hips for maximum comfort and mobility.

Vacuum quietly during business hours at a decibel level less
than normal conversation.

Easily recharge by removing batteries and plugging them into
charger. Receive 90% charge at 2 hours.

New battery module automatically shuts down battery when it is
ready to be charged to prevent loss of suction and performance.

Organically treated Intercept Micro Filters, along with our Four
Level Filtration system, are up to 99.9% efficient at
capturing dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other particles
measuring 1 micron and larger.